Next Steps

It should be no surprise that we think God has more for your life than just going to church each Sunday. But His plan for you won’t happen all at once, so here are some steps that we think will help you go where God is leading. Remember, no two people go at the same pace, just take one step at a time.



You’re not getting anywhere unless you are connecting with God. We think coming to our Sunday morning worship is a great place to start.


Healthy things grow! But you are not designed to grow alone. Here’s two ways we can help you:
  • LifeGroups: People that love God grow best when they are living life with people that that love God – That’s growth through Community! This is why we have lifegroups! These are small groups of people that meet in homes one a week.
  • Equip: Equip classes help you grow by providing an environment where specific topics, and life issues are address. Not all people are at the same stage so we have something for the person who is still wondering what Christianity is (101), for the person wanting to know the Bible’s answers for the challenges they face (201), and for the person who wants to grow in their understanding of the Bible (301).


Growth that does not inspire you to help others is not real growth! You’re just getting fat! So we hope you will be inspired to serve. There are many opportunities to serve at Bethel from being a welcoming smile to teaching others. Of course, we need to know each other better for some opportunities but there are ways you can get involved right away! (Link to serve opportunities)


 If you have come to know God then it will be natural to want others to know Him too! We’ll  help you by making sure that our worship is a place that you are excited to invite people to. We also have occasional events that build relationships. Each year we have classes during the Equip hour that help us share Christ through those relationships.