Jim & Becky Storey Update – 11.3.14

Categories: Missionary Letters

Dear Friends,

     Time seems to be flying by so quickly.  We have been in Indiana for over 5 months now and we’ve been in the parsonage for 3 weeks!! 

      Ministry here is still going well.   October began with Pastor Appreciation Sunday which was a total surprise to us!!!  We received cards, gifts, lots of gift cards, and a bouquet of flowers.  In the middle of October, we had an in-church Craft Auction — people donate items and then everyone bids ridiculously high; and all the money goes to missions.   It’s just a fun way to have food, fellowship, and fun while giving lots of money to missions.  At the end of October, we also had a memorial service for one of our members who past away with cancer.   Now we are preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

      Our search for a pastor continues.  A number of possible candidates have been contacted, but all have already found another place of service.  So … we have begun looking at other resumes and contacting references.  Thank you for your continued prayers for the Lord to lead us to the man of His choosing to lead this church forward for His glory.

      As we near the Thanksgiving holiday season, may we say once again how much we appreciate your willingness to be used by God to make our ministry possible — both through prayer and giving.  May you be blessed as you consider all that the Lord has done for you.

Your servants and His,
James and Rebecca Storey