Equip Classes

Establishing the framework and tools for dynamic living

101: Starting Point (Kerry Gleason) –

If you are new to Christianity and beginning to examine its claims, Starting Point is for you! Each week you will discover what Christianity is all about through video based discussion. This class will be a small group environment with a class size of about 5.  If you feel like you need to learn more or have questions you’ll find Starting Point to be a safe place for you to learn and discover!

201: The Church and Today’s Culture (Pastor Tim) –

Today’s culture is always changing.  This isn’t your parents’ culture.  Opinions, beliefs, and practices are not even the same as when you were a child.  We believe that God doesn’t change.  And we believe that the truth of the Bible doesn’t, can’t change.  However, with culture changing, and popular opinion moving steadily away from religious values, the question becomes: Is the church still relevant today? And if so, “how can we Biblically view today’s culture?  This class will answer those questions using very specific cultural issues.

301: 2 Peter (Tom Gribbin)

It is easy to get the impression that every new piece of information is somehow better or more important than established truth. Yet, sometimes we need to be reminded more often than we need to be informed. Peter’s purpose in this book is to remind his readers of essential Christian truths. Through interactive discussion, this class will study the reminders of Peter in his second letter.